Consulting in the Sphere of Physical Security

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Development of physical and engineering-technical resistance system


We conduct an analysis of regulatory documents and audit of physical and engineering reinforcement of the object. We develop security concept from scratch: starting from creating a project to the reception of executed work. We propose measures for improving the current security system. We ensure operability of engineering facilities. We control the execution of regulatory requirements and the quality of services provided by the security company.

Experienced Paratus experts will optimize the physical and engineering security systems of the object to the maximum, and make it stable and reliable.
  • Audit
  • System Development
  • Support
Studying the object
It is necessary to have a clear understanding of specifications and characteristics of the object in order to make the security system reliable. Paratus experts study the object in detail, evaluate the state of physical and engineering reinforcement, the efficiency of the current permit regime, and whether they correspond to the requirements of the supervisory bodies. In case of detecting vulnerabilities in the security system, experts model possible mischief scenarios, evaluate possible damage caused by mischief, and formulate recommendations on its prevention.
  • Evaluating the location and specifications of the object, including total area and the number of buildings in the area.
  • Verifying anti-terrorist security level
  • Verifying the existence of physical boundaries, gate and permit regime, doors, and gates.
  • Analyzing the layout of guard posts, doors, and gates.
  • Evaluating gate and permit regime state
  • Detecting vulnerabilities that can be susceptible to illegal entry
  • Verifying operability of video surveillance systems and alarm systems
  • Reviewing whether the object complies with the requirements of the regulatory and supervisory bodies
  • Detecting vulnerabilities of the object
  • Calculating possible damage from illegal acts
  • Modelling possible scenarios of mischief and formulate suggestions on how to prevent them
  • Preparing a report on the object audit indicating the vulnerabilities of the security system and suggesting recommendations on security level increase
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Building security system
We take all possible measures to create a reliable, stable and functional security system. Paratus experts study the object, its location, area, and the number of building. They determine prioritized directions and create security concept of the facility. Based on the concept we develop regulatory documents and methodological recommendations. We help choose the supplier, and accept the performed scope of works of designing security system.
  • Determine prioritized directions in security of the facility
  • Create a concept of facility security and technical measures development
  • Developing local regulatory documents including Permit Regime Clause and Safety permit of the facility
  • Preparing methodological recommendations
  • Formulating technical assignments and technical and economical basis for designing security system
  • Conducting an expertise on project documentation
  • Helping choose the service supplier
  • Conducting technical supervision and accepting the performed works
  • Undertaking measures on addressing confidential information leaks through technical channels
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Supporting security system
In order to work efficiently and stable, the security system needs support and maintenance of all parts of the mechanism. Paratus experts support the security system of the facility in an integrated manner. We control the work of security services, and whether the security system complies with the Russian legislation. We supervise the compliance with regime requirements and consult on the topic of gate regime. We maintain engineering security measures on the facility.
  • Controlling the compliance of employees, visitors, and operational personnel with regime requirements
  • Controlling service quality of security companies and subdivisions of state security
  • Consulting on the topic of gate and internal regime of the facility
  • Detecting and eliminating gaps in the security of the facility
  • Controlling the compliance of the security system with the Russian legislation
  • Helping execute orders from state supervisory and controlling bodies
  • Incorporating, maintaining, renovating engineering security measures and controlling its implementation
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