Complex Plan of Dealing with Professional Risks in the Sphere of Corporate Security


Burnout syndrome is a complex psychophysiological phenomenon that includes emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and weakening of control over the performance of professional activities. Currently, this phenomenon has become the object of careful study in professions related to physical, intellectual and material security. The professions of astronaut, pilot, military and other professions that deal with risks on an ongoing basis already have the most advanced strategies and tools for working under constant stress.

Having many years of experience in the field of corporate security and judging by the cutting-edge scientific research in this area we can say that more than 50 percent of the company's key employees are at risk of burnout, which directly affects the high probability of corporate risks. Chronic intense psycho-emotional activity, a high percentage of stress-causing factors, special emotional expenditure, negative saturation - all this requires serious attention to the emotional side of the personality. The comprehensive program of work with professional risks developed by us allows to quickly identify and prevent unwanted consequences of professional burnout of key security personnel, providing a set of measures to prevent them.

We have selected the best specialists and the best practices of similar work - the European Space Agency, NASA, aviation, international business schools, the experience of Russian and international special services. Our team has collected all areas and tools specializing in working with burnout and professional deformation.

Our actions:

Conducting a comprehensive assessment of the burnout syndrome and professional deformation of workers

  • studying the stages and symptoms
  • analyzing the impact on the personal and professional sphere
  • analyzing external and internal factors
  • conducting interviews, polls, testing (MBI method, V.V. Boyko, etc.)

Developing and conducting group and individual programs to reduce the level of professional burnout and deformation

  • conducting cognitive and behavioral trainings
  • conducting workshops from leading experts in the field
  • developing psychological resilience
  • conducting coaching of key employees

Developing and carrying out measures to prevent professional burnout and deformation of employees

  • conducting training programs for psychoprophylaxis and psychohygiene
  • carrying out measures to prevent stress
  • carrying out a set of exercises to improve mental adaptation
  • carrying out activities to strengthen a favorable psychological climate in the team
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Complex Plan of Dealing with Professional Risks in the Sphere of Corporate Security