Conduction of polygraph analysis and psychological research

Protection from employee related threat


HR security is the process of preventing risks and threats associated with a company's personnel, its intellectual potential and relationships in the company in general.

Paratus specialists will help you in recruiting personnel with the necessary set of qualities, identifying candidates and employees from "risk groups", increasing the adaptability of employees, their resistance to stress, their team and communication skills.

  • Diagnostics
  • Support
  • Audit
  • Development
Conducting independent psychodiagnostics
We carry out complex, special and targeted psychodiagnostic activities to study the personality of candidates and company employees. Independent psychodiagnostics is carried out by experienced specialists who use a wide range of tools to form a high-quality talent pool of the company. When testing on a polygraph, a software and hardware complex is used that allows determining a lie at a physiological level.
  • Testing on a polygraph.
  • Conducting psychological testing of employees and applicants.
  • Testing the leadership and managerial qualities of a manager.
  • Building a psychological profile using open sources of information.
  • Collecting and analyzing information about the staff morale in the team.
  • Identifying individuals from the "risk group".
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Improving the staff morale
The synergy of employees and healthy staff morale in the team increase the level of efficiency of the company as a whole and of each employee in particular. Our specialists carry out complex work with the staff morale of the company: from trainings and assistance to individual employees to the settlement of existing conflicts and the relief of possible conflicts.
  • Providing moral and psychological assistance to employees.
  • Increasing adaptive capacity and the development of individual skills.
  • Conducting group social and psychological trainings.
  • Resolving conflicts in teams.
  • Offering methods of improving the staff morale.
  • Developing communicative competence.
  • Working on team building.
  • Increasing stress tolerance.
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Auditing psychodiagnostics
An audit of the psychodiagnostic system helps to assess the state of the regulatory framework, the relevance of the tools and the effectiveness of personnel testing. Our specialists carry out a comprehensive examination, preparing recommendations to improve the effectiveness of psychodiagnostics in the company.
  • Studying regulatory documentation.
  • Checking organizational and functional regulation.
  • Studying the applied psychodiagnostic tools.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the activities held and the measures taken.
  • Developing recommendations for improving psychodiagnostics.
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Creating a psychodiagnostics department
The creation of its own psychodiagnostics department is a solution that will give the company the opportunity to bring personnel management and the jobseeker search system to a new level. Our employees will provide methodological support, building the correct principles and directions of the department's work, helping with the organizational structure and documentation. We will form a department with a set of relevant methods for effective psychodiagnostic work.
  • Building the principles and directions of psychodiagnostics.
  • Developing an organizational structure.
  • Developing regulatory and methodological documents.
  • Conducting investment planning.
  • Introducing effective techniques.
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Conduction of polygraph analysis and psychological research
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