Protection from corporate fraud, corruption and other illegal acts


We offer forensic services by protecting our clients from corporate fraud and corruption.

We have considerable experience in financial investigation, fraud and corruption schemes uncovering, assets search, and tracking down unconscionable employees.

Our forensic experts eliminate uncertainties in cooperation with counterparties, recruiting new employees, and drafting contracts. They can effectively counteract unscrupulous practices of competitors.

We help reduce reputational and financial risks, put your business on a path of sustainable growth without anti-corruption penalties, ambiguous contractual obligations, and losses from employees’ or counterpartys’ actions.

  • Investigation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Corporate intelligence
  • Transaction support
  • Inspection
Conducting independent research
Fraud and corruption are serious problems that any kind of business can face. In our team we have people of considerable experience in conducting research who can identify illegal activity, gather factual information and evidence, and evaluate the damage suffered.
  • Analyzing circumstances of mischiefs, unlawful acts, corruption, and other unethical practices.
  • Gathering documents, factual information, evidence, which includes gathering information from open sources, conducting inventory counts, marketing and commercial analysis.
  • Identifying people involved in illegal acts.
  • Creating a report of damage evaluation.
  • Preparing suggestions of damage reparations and prosecution of persons involved.
  • Preparing suggestions to law-enforcement and supervisory bodies and organizing its further maintenance.
  • Helping eliminate points of weakness discovered, and strengthen internal control.
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Examining reputation and reliability
Examination of a counterparty helps the company gain an objective point of view regarding their business relations, decrease reputational and financial risks, and avoid cooperation with unreliable organizations. Our experts conduct thorough verifications of reliability and affiliation, help obtain objective information and formulate recommendations on cooperation with counterpartys on that basis
  • Gathering, generalizing, and analyzing information from open sources on a counterparty including: registers, lists, archives of governmental bodies, paid information and analytic systems, mass media, corporate data, information from partners and competitors.
  • Verifying credibility of the data presented by the counterparty.
  • Determining company’s physical address, whether it has labor and material resources.
  • Validating counterparty’s affiliation.
  • Preparing recommendations on cooperation.
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Evaluating company’s internal control effectiveness
The system of internal control makes it possible to reduce the possibility of fraud and damage to the company. We conduct an independent evaluation, find weak spots in the security system, and identify business processes most liable to fraud.
  • Identifying possibility of fraud and corruption emerging in separate business processes of the company.
  • Creating a map of risks with evaluation of active key control schemes.
  • Helping improve active control schemes and incorporate valuable changes into the documents of the company.
  • Conducting trainings and teaching company employees up-to-date controlling procedures.
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Averting fraud
Averting fraud is the best protection against fraud and corruption. We conduct an analysis of company’s business processes and evaluate the possibility of illegal action occurrence. We develop plans on eliminating the causes of fraud. We create control systems, help companies decrease the amount of losses caused by theft, fraud, and corruption.
  • Conducting an analysis on business processes: evaluating the possibility of illegal action occurrence, detecting signs of security threats.
  • Analyzing fraud hazards.
  • Determining possible fraud scenarios.
  • Preparing plans on building an effective control system over fraud hazards.
  • Developing plans on counteraction to detected fraud scenarios..
  • Helping incorporate measures of counteracting fraud.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the incorporated measures.
  • Increasing the quality of corporate culture, forming zero tolerance to mischief, corruption, and fraud among employees.
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Developing compliance system
We build a complex system of counteraction to corruption that complies with the requirements of anti-corruption laws, including: the laws of the Russian Federation Government, FCPA in the USA, and Bribery Act 2010 in the UK. A quality control compliance system decreases risks of receiving fines and suffering reputational losses.
  • Evaluating corruption risks..
  • Determining processes liable to corruption.
  • Analyzing policy management against corruption, testing its in-life realization.
  • Developing compliance system for companies that helps follow legal recommendations and standards.
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Evaluating compliance system

Compliance has been considered an undeniable part of business proceedings for a long time. An effective control compliance system improves the image of the company as an investment project, protects from possible reputational losses and sanctions imposed by supervisory bodies.

We strive for a multifaceted evaluation of compliance companies, review violations of sanction regime, their compliance with anti-corruption laws and norms of counteraction against money laundering. We are testing and helping improve compliance procedures.

  • Detecting prerequisites to corruption acts
  • Identifying vulnerable business processes.
  • Evaluating corruption risks.
  • Finding and eliminating conflict of interest.
  • Identifying requirements of regulatory bodies.
  • Reviewing the compliance of corruption counteraction system to the requirements of the regulatory bodies.
  • Testing anti-corruption compliance procedures.
  • Formulating recommendations on improving anti-corruption compliance companies.
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Incorporating compliance systems
Even a high-quality compliance system will work efficiently only when it’s implemented correctly into the business processes and the internal control systems of the company. We incorporate compliance procedures; help develop internal policies and regulations. We teach employees and company leaders and improve general compliance culture in the company.
  • Monitoring government regulations and
  • Developing necessary local regulatory documents.
  • Incorporating compliance procedures into the internal control system of the company.
  • Training company employees.
  • Preparing your business for certification according to ISO 37001 anti-corruption standards.
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Testing compliance system
Our experts conduct an independent analysis of the company’s compliance system according to regulatory standards. On the basis of the analysis we improve the anti-corruption compliance control. We use proprietary solutions that have been exercised in multiple practice cases, and apply knowledge and skills in the sphere of compliance and anti-corruption regulations.
  • Developing methodology of testing
  • Running tests
  • Formulating recommendations on improving anti-corruption compliance system of the company.
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Reviewing reputation and reliability
Corporate intelligence experts evaluate threats for the client’s business and help counteract them. We analyze and review all the available information on suppliers and contractors, clients and business partners, and investment projects. Checking decreases reputational and financial risks and protects from working with unreliable organizations.
  • Gathering, generalizing and analyzing information from open sources on the third party including registers, lists, archives of regulatory bodies, fee-based information and analytical systems, mass media, corporate documents, information from partners and competitors.
  • Reviewing accuracy of the information.
  • Locating the physical address of the company, and whether it possesses labor and material resources.
  • Checking affiliation of the counterparty.
  • Formulating recommendations on cooperation.
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Checking employees and candidates
Quality human resources are the basis of company’s effectiveness. It’s better to thoroughly check a candidate for a position in the company and the information they present than hire an unqualified and unreliable employee. We check your candidates and employees, analyze the information they present, their social activity on the internet, and make the recruitment process more reliable and qualitative.
  • Checking credibility of information presented by the candidate during the recruitment process.
  • Gathering and analyzing details in their biographies.
  • Verifying their educational background.
  • Analyzing their professional reputation.
  • Checking the availability of negative or ethically compromised information on the candidate in mass media or in open sources.
  • Checking if the candidate participated in legal disputes.
  • Analyzing their social network activity.
  • Formulating recommendations on the recruitment of the candidate.
  • Checking participation of the employees in corporate entities, whether or not conflict of interest has occurred.
  • Monitoring the availability of negative and ethically compromised information on employees in open sources.
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Assets search
During negotiations with a debtor or during recovery of debtor’s property through court it’s important to have accurate information on assets owned by the debtor. With the help of modern tools and methods we track debtors’ status. We identify possible concealment or usurpation of recoverable assets. We help form an appropriate negotiating position and minimize the damage caused by the situation.
  • Evaluating current status of the debtor.
  • Gathering data on the debtor’s surroundings, interests, participation in projects.
  • Searching for debtor’s and affiliated persons’ assets.
  • Organizing search of a debtor presented by an individual.
  • Formulating recommendations on negotiating position with the debtor.
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Conducting commercial and marketing analysis
By using expertise, proprietary methodology and relevant experience in similar projects our experts conduct a detailed market analysis, help evaluate economic impact of business deals when it’s necessary to reduce no-purpose expenses of the company.
  • Conducting a marketing research of the market.
  • Analyzing the business deal regarding its economic impact.
  • Checking whether the price and choice of the supplier is justified.
  • Evaluating the cost with the consideration of the specific goals and tasks.
  • Analyzing solicitation, commercial, technical and other documentation.
  • Verifying whether the technical requirements are justified.
  • Upon availability of subcontractor settlements we analyze them according to market conditions, as well as price adjustments and other changes in the contract.
  • Calculating full price of the property.
  • Evaluating the possibility of using other methods in accordance with economic efficiency.
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Verifying execution of the contractual obligations
We control the execution of contractual obligations, and help address the counterparty’s abuse of the contract.
  • Checking completeness and quality of counterparty’s execution of their obligations.
  • Resolving debtor’s arrears and other problems.
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Verifying the choice of the counterparty and draft treaty
We employ our knowledge of regulatory acts and legislation, as well as relevant experience from similar spheres in order to verify whether the choice of the counterparty is justified regarding the economic and anti-corruption sides. We conduct thorough examination of documentation in the best interest of the client, formulate a contract with clear-cut interpretation, and protect the company from fraud regarding contract.
  • Verifying the following of local regulatory acts requirements when choosing a supplier.
  • Analyzing draft treaty and formulating suggestions regarding agreement on the conditions of the business transaction or its changes.
  • Conducting an anti-corruption expertise of the draft treaty.
  • Identifying prerequisites of corruption acts.
  • Finding conflicted information, usage of uncommon concepts and definitions in the text.
  • Identifying conditions that are in violation of the law.
  • Formulating suggestions on eliminating prerequisites to corruption acts.
  • Evaluating potential suppliers.
  • Analyzing economic efficiency of the business transaction.
  • Verifying technical documentation and whether technical conditions are justified.
  • Analyzing solicitation documents.
  • Verifying the full price of the property.
  • Analyzing the economic efficiency of using similar methods.
  • Identifying false motivation and intentional manipulation regarding the contract.
  • Analyzing changes made to the contract
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Verifying reliability of counterparties

We support your business throughout the whole process of transaction and help make confident and effective decisions. We have a deep understanding of all commercial aspects and choose an analytical approach. We select a number of solutions in compliance with the company’s specifications and sphere of business.

Counterparty verification is an important part of sustainability and efficiency of business processes. We conduct a thorough research of the counterparty regarding their technical, financial, reputational status, and help reduce risks of working with an unreliable organization.

  • Verifying counterparty’s affiliation and reliability
  • Conducting scoring and technical audit
  • Researching production capacities and qualifications of employees
  • Gathering data on media reputation
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Conducting commercial and marketing analysis
Commercial and marketing analysis provides accurate data about market situation, suppliers and price indices. We help choose an optimal variant that has the highest possible economic efficiency, calculate the cost correctly, and verify the contract.
  • Conducting a marketing analysis of the market.
  • Searching for and evaluating potential suppliers.
  • Analyzing technical documentation.
  • Verifying whether the technical conditions are justified.
  • Preparing solicitation documents.
  • Conducting an analysis of counterparties regarding participation in competitions and bidding processes.
  • Analyzing solicitation procedures and commercial offers.
  • Evaluating the possibility of applying similar methods in order to achieve economic efficiency.
  • Calculating the full price of the property.
  • Analyzing price determination, logistics, and contractual conditions.
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Verifying reliability of suppliers
We protect our clients from unreliable suppliers and unconscionable activity of counterparties. We conduct a thorough analysis of counterparties and verify the provided information. In addition we form an objective report on cooperation with active and potential suppliers.
  • Monitoring counterparties on the subject of reliability and corruption activity.
  • Verifying whether the choice of the counterparty in procurement is justified.
  • Conducting a technical audit of potential and active suppliers.
  • Identifying unconscionable and illegal acts of competitors and counterparties.
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Inspecting financial and economic activity
An independent inspection helps evaluate the quality of employees’ work, efficiency of company’s assets usage, and compliance of the documentation to the regulatory laws.
  • Conducting inspection for the use of funds, material and technical resources, investments, and property.
  • Verifying whether operating and financial transaction documentation is drafted with compliance to the legislation of the Russian Federation and local regulatory acts of documentation formatting, the accuracy of the accounting system, the completeness and credibility of the financial and economic activity.
  • Conducting inspection of financial obligations including taxes, credits and loans.
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Organizing maintenance and control
Independent maintenance and control enable effective incorporation of director’s decisions and control its execution at every level of the company.
  • Verifying and eliminating discovered flaws and mischief.
  • Conducting topic-related inspections.
  • Controlling the execution of decisions taken.
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Minimizing and controlling risks
Monitoring enables in-time detection of possible risks for business processes of the company, and it allows controlling them and eliminating them when possible.
  • Monitoring and controlling risks of business processes.
  • Formulating suggestions on reducing risks in financial and economic activities.
  • Participating in development and actualization of local regulatory acts controlling business processes.
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Addressing theft
We conduct an independent inspection of possible company’s assets theft, and evaluate risks of illegal acts emerging in all business processes. We develop plans on theft prevention and help improve control systems.
  • Conducting inspection and prevention of theft of funds, material and technical resources and other assets of the company.
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